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Energy Psychology

Are you familiar with EFT? Its a form of energy therapy that uses the body’s meridian points – the same spots on your body that are used in Energy Medicine and Acupuncture – to significantly reduce activity in a part of your brain … Continue reading

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Yoga and Energy

Thank you to Journey of Yoga in Simsbury for inviting me to teach a workshop with Sybil Merriman on Yoga and the Chakras. During our 2-hour class, we discussed this incredible series of energy vortexes that have a significant impact on our major … Continue reading

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What is Energy Medicine?  

Energy medicine is the oldest and most naturally-occurring healing modality on Earth. Donna Eden, a world-renowned energy expert and author/instructor, has developed specific techniques that draw from a range of ancient therapies — such as acupuncture, yoga, and qi gong … Continue reading

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Awesome energy!

I am fascinated and inspired by energy. Within and surrounding our physical bodies are various energetic systems that have jobs just as specific and important as our heart or liver. The balance, flow and connectedness of these systems are crucial to our … Continue reading

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