Awesome energy!

I am fascinated and inspired by energy. Within and surrounding our physical bodies are various energetic systems that have jobs just as specific and important as our heart or liver. The balance, flow and connectedness of these systems are crucial to our health – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Through the use of kinesiology (energy muscle testing) I identify basic energy systems and specific pathways that are out of balance or blocked and correct them. Many corrections take the form of specific exercises I lead you through, and teach you so that you can continue your healing work at home. Based on what your energy tells me we then decided what kind of a session you will receive, for example we might work with the chakra’s to help you release old emotions or work with your neurovasculars to relieve stress. We can also focus on physical wellness by working with the meridians – the options are endless.

Some of the many benefits of energy medicine: Support your immune system.
Clear energy blockages and revitalize your enthusiasm for life.
Experience significant stress relief and let go of unwanted habit patterns.
Gain confidence, mental clarity and greater memory retention.
Discover a deeper connection to yourself.
Create inner harmony as you learn to ground and protect yourself from external negative, stressful environments.

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